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Mergers & Acquisitions

The Firm advises buyers and sellers in all steps involved in mergers and acquisition transactions, as well as their intermediates. We advise clients in the advance preparation of companies which may be a target of these transactions – in terms of evaluating the risks and contingencies that may be identified in a possible due diligence made by buyer and also in terms of data room organization – in purchase and sale of equity interests and assets, strategic mergers and analysis and recommendation of the most adequate corporate governance for each type of transaction.

The Firm’s practice groups advise in the structuring, tax planning and in the conduction of legal due diligences necessary to the completion of mergers and acquisition transactions. Our analysis in legal due diligences is multidisciplinary, since our partners and attorneys possess solid experience in order to identify risks which do not necessarily pertain to their practice groups, which increases the efficiency of the procedures and reduces the risks of the transactions to the client.

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