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Capital Markets

BGA’s capital markets group has solid experience and is prepared to assist clients in various matters pertaining to capital markets, including observance to the rules issued by the Brazilian Securities Commission ("CVM"); observance to financial rulings; publicly-traded companies rules; public offering ("IPO" and "follow-on"); public offering of share acquisition ("OPAs"); issuance of debentures; promissory notes; structured operations certificates ("COE"); international cross border issuances ("bonds", "notes", "DRs", "EETC"); incorporation and compliance with obligations of investment funds (Instruction CVM no. 555) and alternative investment funds ("FIDC", "FIP", "FII", "ETF"); securities portfolio administrators; resource managers; securitization companies; underwriters; custodians; security brokers ("CTVM"); securities distributors ("DTVM"); securities consultants. BGA also possesses experience in advising clients in all steps pertaining to administrative sanctioning proceduresbefore CVM and the Financial Activity Control Council ("COAF"); as well as appeals before the National Financial System Appeals Council ("CRSFN").

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