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BGA has considerable experience in the mining sector, acting on a diversified types of transactions arising out of the activity, preparing option, assignment and joint venture contracts and assisting its clientele in the negotiation of each of such transactions. Our services go beyond the mining specifics, reaching real estate matters, in dealings with landowners to regulate tenure, access and use of the soil or, if such is the case, the acquisition of the land encompassed by the polygonal specified in the mining title. We believe that the enhancement with the other areas of BGA provide a comprehensive range of services that include legal due diligences and the delivery legal opinions in matters related to the mining sector. BGA also has large experience assisting clients with different regulatory agencies, with emphasis to the Departamento Nacional de Produção Mineral – DNPM (National Department of Mineral Production). BGA is presently evaluating to its clients the regulatory mark of the mining sector submitted to the Congress.

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