19 Oct

Compliance Program Requirement – State Law nº 7.753/2017

The State Government of Rio de Janeiro sanctioned, on October 17, 2017, State Law No. 7.753/2017, which demands an integrity program for companies which execute contracts, joint ventures, arrangements, concessions or public-private partnerships with the direct, indirect or foundational public administration of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and with value limits superio...

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29 Aug

PETROBRAS – Opportunity Disclosure – Former Topázio Project

Rio de Janeiro, August 28, 2017 – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – PETROBRAS reports that it has initiated the opportunity disclosure stage (Teasers) related to the full sale of its exploration, development and production rights in three sets of onshore fields (totaling 50 concessions), located in Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia states, as per the table below.

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19 May

CNPE Approves Yet Another Measure to Stimulate Investments on Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas in Brazil

In midst of the political and economic crisis that has engulfed the country following the outbreak of Operação Lava-Jato (the corruption investigation centered on Petrobras) and the resulting interventions on Petrobras’ activities, the Federal Government approves yet another measure which belongs to a set of efforts to stimulate market and improve investm...

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04 Apr

New Rules for Representation of Foreign Equityholders

The Brazilian Department of Corporate Register and Integration (“DREI”), body responsible for the regulation of resolutions of business companies in Brazil, to which Board of Trades are subordinated, has edited Normative Instruction nº 34, altering provisions relative to the granting of powers-of-attorney for the representation of foreign equityholders of Brazili...

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01 Feb

No Recognition of Labor Relationship

On January 30, 2017, the judgement in the case file of labor claim no. 0011863-62.2016.5.03.0137, commenced by an Uber driver in order to plea recognition of a labor relationship with such company, held that Uber drivers do not have a labor relationship with the company.

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30 Jan

Registration of Companies before Courts

Following the tendency to automatize judicial proceedings, due to the need to ensure celerity during its course, the new Brazilian Civil Procedure Code (“NCPC”) established in Article 270 the internet as the preferential option to communicate procedural acts and to send pleadings.

Nevertheless, the NCPC also established mandatory registration of public and...

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